Everyday Sustainability: Our New Brasserie Dinnerware


Living a sustainable lifestyle should be simple, and we think providing practical products with an eco-friendly twist is the best way to make every day a little greener. When it comes to mealtime, our new Brasserie Porcelain Collection is ready for eco-conscious prep and service.


Made in Portugal in a family-owned factory, our Brasserie Collection is crafted with the utmost attention to the planet. The factory utilizes material recycled from previous productions in each new batch, and a water reclamation facility reduces their demand for resources.

They aren’t just working for the planet, though. When they do need to mine new materials from the Earth they do so in the most responsible way possible and when they’re done, the areas depleted aren’t left that way. They are each transformed into a park for the local community, so instead of just taking from the planet they are giving something back.


The collection is more than just an eco-friendly choice; it’s also the perfect backdrop for your best dishes. Crisp white porcelain is accented with a super subtle stripe detail that is barely noticeable but just enough to add a hint of sophistication. It’s perfect for a slice a pizza, a special meal for two, or your next holiday feast. In addition to dinnerware, a variety of bakeware lets your build a full matching set. Designed for oven-to-table use, you can present your meals in the casseroles, bakers, or quiche dish without losing your tabletop aesthetic. Finally, every single piece in the collection is finished lead-free and cadmium-free glazes so you can be sure your food is pure and delicious, and everything is microwave and dishwasher safe.

When it comes to eco-friendly dinnerware, you shouldn’t have to choose from amongst style, sustainability, and versatility. With the Brasserie Collection, we’ve provided a complete solution to serve your inner chef from start to finish.

To see the full Brasserie Collection, and our other dinnerware collections, visit www.bambeco.com.