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The next time you’re in the store and you’ve got a magazine, DVD or book in your cart, ask yourself a quick question: will I read or watch this more than once?

If the answer is “no” then put it back on the shelf and head to your local library instead. Many libraries even have DVD rentals available. And if they don’t? Just because the brick-and-mortar movie-rental palaces are dying out doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of cinema. There are all sorts of options for digital rentals today!

The same thing applies to tools and equipment you aren’t likely to use often. Rather than purchase a piece of equipment that will spend most of its life in the shed, look into rental services, or even create a swap system among friends.

You’ll lower your carbon footprint, use less energy and water, generate less waste and save money.

a few numbers on transportation

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The U.S. transportation system is the largest in the world, and it accounts for one-third of America’s greenhouse gas emissions – more than 515 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. That’s nearly 70 percent of the oil consumed in the U.S. and more than we as a nation produce.


it’s in the can

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Paint Brush

Is painting on your list of home makeover projects?

Indoor air can be just as polluted as the stuff outside. The primary ingredients in most paints and varnishes give off air-polluting, and unhealthy VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds.

Switch to natural, or water-based paints and finishes with low to no VOC content and little to no petroleum solvents for cleaner, greener indoor air. Your lungs, and the earth, will thank you.

And your walls will be just as lovely!

go feathered!

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Go feathered! Birds aren’t just a pretty feather; they’re also flying green machines, devouring insects, weed seeds and other pesky garden bad guys. Make your garden a bird sanctuary by reducing pesticides and providing water, food and attractive flowers and resting places.

just say no to plastics

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Plastics and oil walk hand in hand and our homes are full of products made from petrochemicals. The very things that make plastic so durable, affordable and convenient are the same things that make it so bad for the earth

To reduce plastic use in the home, opt for items that will last, and that can be recycled. Choose renewable, organic materials and natural-based finishes on wood products.

You’ll create less pollution and have a healthier home… and the environment will thank you.