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All across America, the same thing is happening. Kitchens are seeing much heavier use than normal. Pots, pans and serving platters that haven’t been used in months are pulled out of storage. Every available counter space is filled and the ‘fridge is full to bursting. It’s the holidays, and the usual hustle and bustle have hit. More company and special meals means more cooking, and more messes. Which adds up to more cleaning.

Have you greened your kitchen cleaning? Normal cleaning products work with the help of harsh chemicals that aren’t good for your home, or for the environment. There are eco-friendly alternatives for just about any cleaning product, from dishwasher detergent to disinfecting counter sprays. Not only will your house get just as clean, but you’re also protecting the environment, and you won’t have that yucky chemical smell to deal with.

While we’re on the topic of yucky things, consider switching to a dish brush rather than a sponge. Sponges are bacteria havens, trapping and holding moisture in an environment that promotes large bacterial growth. Rather than rely on anti-bacterial products, or constantly running your sponges through the microwave or dishwasher, pick up a dish brush to get your dishes clean, without a side of bacteria. What about your counters? Use washable flour sack towels or other similar cloths instead, and keep a small basket handy for dropping the dirties into.

Cleaning green doesn’t take any additional time or effort, but yields amazing results. Try these quick and easy tips to give your kitchen a fast, fresh face for the holidays.

  • Freshen your garbage disposal – cut a lemon into quarters and run it through the disposal, follow with some ice cubes.
  • If your drains are a little slow, pour boiling water down the drain instead of a harsh chemical. More often than not, the hot water is enough to clear out minor slowdowns.
  • Set up an easy-to-use recycling and compost station so your out-of-town guests can easily get everything in the right bin.
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