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Coffee, for many of us, it’s an early-morning necessity. No matter how you make it, however, you’ve got grounds to deal with. If you’re a multi-cup a day person, or have multiple coffee drinkers in your house, that can up to a lot of brown gritty stuff. Throwing it in the trash is a bad idea, as an organic item, it will just add to methane emissions in a landfill. Composting your grounds is perhaps the best option, but did you know there are all sorts of other, eco-friendly uses for coffee grounds?

  • Coffee grounds will boost the nitrogen content of your compost beautifully, a great treat for alkaline soil.
  • Azaleas, hydrangeas, hybrid roses and other plants that like acidic soil will be thrilled with a handful of grounds worked into the top soil as a fertilizer. Great for indoor plants, too!
  • Working used grounds into your soil is good for worms, which are good for your soil and your plants, especially in clay like soils.
  • Mix coffee grounds into your potting mix while doing your planting.
  • Snails, slugs and ants don’t like the stuff, a line of grounds around your plants will help keep out unwanted pests.
  • Make a DIY exfoliant for your body, just mix the ground with some olive oil, massage into your skin and rinse.
  • Put a mason jar of grounds in your ‘fridge or freezer (cover with a piece of cheesecloth tied in place) to absorb odors.
  • Scrub your hands with a spoonful of coffee grounds to get rid of the smell of onions, fish or other pungent foods.
  • We’ve heard tell that you can remove minor scratches from wood furniture by rubbing with wet coffee grounds.
  • Sprinkle wet grounds in your fireplace just before cleaning to help keep the dust to a minimum.
  • Use it as a natural dye for paper, fabric or boiled eggs. Add used grounds to warm water and let it sit to create a dye bath.
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