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Coffee Table

From the living room to the bedroom, the coffee table is a staple in our homes. Sure, they serve a practical purpose – they’re a foot rest, book holder, place to set the remote and of course, holder of coffee cups. But they’re also an often overlooked décor element and that’s an easy fix!

Go collectible – set out a group of collectibles, cool boxes, a stack of books, an interesting vase, create a pretty table scape with items you love. Just be sure to leave room for your feet and that cup of coffee.

Drape it – want a soft, pretty look in the bedroom? Drape a cozy throw over a dual-purpose ottoman/coffee table, then layer on a tray to hold necessities.

Tray table – if your table is large, add a tray to help coral items and break up the massive feeling of such a large surface. They’re also great for adding texture.

Light it up – candles are your best friends when it comes to coffee tables. Whether it’s a collection of votives on a tray or a big hurricane, adding flickering candlelight is instant style.

Au natural – embrace nature with antique, reclaimed wood accents, and add some elements from outdoors. Live near the sea? Add seashells. In a pine forest? Fill a hurricane with pinecones. Keep it local for the best impact.

Super simple – take a vase that matches your décor and fill it with seasonal blooms. Keep the arrangement in scale with the rest of your room, or try a grouping of smaller arrangements.

Add sparkle – arrange a variety of pretty glass bottles for an attractive display that catches light in interesting ways. The designer trick? Keep them all the same material, or color family and mix and match shapes and sizes.

Get uneven – if you have multiple items on the table, try to ensure they have varying heights – there should be high, medium and low items in the mix for maximum visual interest.

Try one, try them all, rotate the ideas out seasonally. And if you want a super simple approach, there’s a basic formula you can apply to any tabletop décor.

  • Something tall
    Candlesticks work well, and candles add extra sparkle. A tall vase is another option, or a tall hurricane used as a vase or a lantern.
  • Something fresh
    Whether it’s a small potted plant, some fresh cut flowers, a bowl of sea shells, or a collection of pine cones these should be seasonal to add a dash of fresh color to the room.
  • Something oddball
    Choose one thing that’s quirky and expresses your personality. It could be a piece of coral, a cool collectible, or even a favorite rock.
  • Something bookish
    A small stack of large, pretty art books topped off with something decorative is classic. If you love to cook, try stacking up two or three antique cookbooks. If poetry is your thing, stack a small collection of favorite tomes.
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