coffee or tea?…
creating a beverage station

In America, a whopping 83% of adults drink coffee—63% of them drink coffee every day. On any given day, just over 50% of Americans are drinking tea, although 85% of it is iced. The numbers are clear, coffee and tea consumption is on the rise. Making it at home is not only more economical, it provides the opportunity to up the green factor to new heights. Plus, making your own coffee or tea is a wonderful ritual to embrace.

Why not create a coffee or tea station in your kitchen? It doesn’t take up much space, and transforms a daily task into something pleasant and fulfilling. No matter what your chosen method of brewing, there are a few things you’ll want to set up.

  • Brewing method
    From drip coffee makers to espresso machines and French presses, there are as many ways to make coffee as there are to drink it. Tea is only slightly simpler, with bags and loose leaf being the two most common options. Whatever your preferred method, make sure the necessary items are convenient and easy to access. Then clear some space either right next to them, or on a nearby counter or table.
  • Raw materials
    Coffee drinkers have it easy. They need ground coffee. Those who grind daily will need a grinder, but otherwise, it’s pretty simple. Just find an attractive method of storing your beans or ground coffee—and despite old-school trends, the freezer is not the best place.
    Tea is another story. If you’ve got the space, consider putting out a basket or box filled with your favorite teas and tea accessories like strainers, tea balls, and more.
  • Accoutrement
    You’ll need something to drink from, of course. If space allows, keep a supply of your favorite mugs handy. Consider keeping a small tea towel, or even a linen napkin close by to deal with spills.
  • Other accessories
    Keep a small pitcher for milk or cream, and a bowl for sugar on hand as well. While you’re at it, keep a compost bin handy for disposing of the used grounds (and filters), tea and tea bags. All of those things make amazing compost!

It may sound like a lot, but everything except the brewing method should fit on a simple serving tray that can be placed on the counter, a nearby table, or even on a shelf.

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