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Color, color everywhere! Color is a big topic in home décor; it’s also a big point of confusion. A room that lacks a color scheme can look messy or arbitrary; but a room that has a solid color plan can make even the most unusual mixes look gorgeous and pulled together. If your color choices seem to be all over the place, or you don’t absolutely love the colors in your home, or you’re planning a redo and aren’t sure what colors to use, we can help.

The first step is to stop and look around. You may not even be aware of your own color trends until you step back and look at the big picture. Look at your home, your wardrobe, at everything in your life that has color. Pick out the items you love the most – is there a color trend? Do the same thing on your Pinterest boards – don’t look at styles, don’t worry about whether it’s a dress or a duvet, look for the color trends. See any there?

If you’re looking for a color scheme you can live with, one that makes you feel good, you’ll want to choose colors that work for you. Try some color exercises to help refine your choices, you might be surprised.

Pick a color you love

For some, this will be easy – they know exactly what colors they love the most. For others, this is a challenge – they love so many colors. Pick one color you absolutely adore – whether it’s fashion, décor, or just makes you feel good. Now grab your phone (or a digital camera) and go out in the world in search of that color. It can be street art, a woman’s shoe, a book jacket, store sign, icing on a cake, it doesn’t matter. Snap photos of anything in your color – you can be specific and only collect images of that particular robin’s egg blue, or you can be more general and collect images in varying shades of bright, light blue. Next look online for images with the same color.

Gather all of your images together – maybe on Pinterest, or in a folder on your desktop – and really look through them. What other colors are used? Which combinations do you like the most? How does the color make you feel, and which combinations intensify the good feelings? You may just find a palette you’d never thought of before, or even surprise yourself by finding another color you love. If your color what bright, light blue, and your favorite images all pair it with cherry red, that might be a hint to start introducing red into your world.

Pick a color you don’t love

This one is a bit more challenging. Pick a color you really don’t care for, maybe yours is green, and look online for images of the color that you like. Maybe it’s as simple as finding a different shade of green, or maybe it means pairing green with a different color than you usually associate with it. Create a pinboard or electronic folder for your images and look for trends in what you’ve picked. Did you discover a shade of green that you actually like? Or a color combination that uses green that makes you feel good? Maybe you’ve discovered that you really don’t like green in any form or combination. Either way, the exercise has helped you refine your color choices.

Be a trend spotter

Now that you’re used to looking at color in a different way, and seeing the patterns in your color choices, take a moment every now and then to look back at your color choices. Look at what you’ve been pinning, or blogging. Look at what you’ve bought, taken photos of, or shared in some way. Do you see a color trend emerging? Find a way to keep track of your color trends – you can journal them, blog them, create a pinboard of them, or just write a quick line in a notebook. This is a long-term project – after a few months of keeping track, look for recurring colors in your notes. You might be surprised to find the perfect dining room color is right there, waiting to be discovered.

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