cozy up for fall…
decorating with pillows and throws

Pillows and Blankets


Ah, the approach of fall. The crisp, cool weather just begs for coziness. It’s time to break out the sweaters and brew up some hot apple cider. And it’s a perfect time to add some cozy to your home because what’s better than a fall evening spent curled up in cushiony comfort with a toasty throw over your feet?

Adding that cozy fall feel is easy, a few candles, extra pillows and a throw or two and you’re set. Adding more softness and warmth to your home significantly increases the cozy factor, but if you’re not careful, it can make your couch look like an unmade bed.

Pillows and throws can add a welcome dash of color, rich texture or both. They can dress up a casual space, or soften a formal one. They’re a flexible, easy way to freshen up your home décor. Despite the name, throws tend to look best with a little thought applied to their use – to avoid that unmade bed look.

Keep a basket of throws handy near a couch, fireplace or TV area. A basket of easily-accessible cozy throws keeps your room looking neat and organized, but still inviting. You can also use a throw in a contrasting color to cover a seat cushion, protecting it from pets and adding visual interest. A neatly folded throw placed over a chair or couch back, or draped over the arm is warm and comforting, without looking messy.

If you really want the casual, just-tossed-this-here look, opt for throws with a very soft drape and some fringed ends. Drape the throw over the corner of a chair back, allowing the ends to fall almost to the floor.

When it comes to pillows, if you like a more modern look, go for odd numbers (3, 5, etc) of pillows in squares or narrow rectangles and geometric patterns. For a more traditional look, use pillows in matched pairs and stick with square shapes in classic fabrics an d textures.

Pillow size should suit your seating, smaller pillows generally sit more neatly on your couch or chair and will look more traditional while larger pillows create softness and a more lounge-like feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns. A traditional look is a pair of print pillows accented with solid color pillows in a related color, but have fun and pair a bold geometric print with stripes, or two favorite patterns that have complimentary colors. Texture has a role to play as well, from nubby to smooth, accented or not, shiny or matte, a little tactile contrast will make your seating area more inviting.

You can tuck pillows into the corners of your couch, or artfully arrange them in a line across the back. The trick is for the pillow placement to be attractive, feel natural and not require someone to move too many pillows before they sit down. Once you have your pillows arranged, try sitting on the couch or chair. If the pillow placement makes sitting difficult, move the pillow, you want guests to feel cozy and comfortable, not cramped.

For the most attractive look, just fluff your pillows by hand and avoid the temptation to karate chop them into shape.

Carry the coziness into the bedroom with some extra decorative pillows on your bed and a soft throw draped over the foot of your bed. The look is soft, inviting and oh-so-right for fall.

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decorating with pillows and throws

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