cozy up…
it’s more than a feeling

Embrace Cozy

“Cozy” just saying it calls up images of comfort and warmth. Take a trip to Germany, and you’ll hear gemütlichkeit. In Sweden, it would be mysig and in Denmark, hygge. No matter which word you use, they all mean the same thing – they all take the idea of coziness and apply it to people. It’s about relaxation, time with friends, enjoying warmth, cheerfulness, peach and joy with those you love. It’s bringing light and warmth into a cold, dark night. It’s friends around the fire. Make your home a warm, cozy, inviting place to socialize with friends, or enjoy downtime on your own.

An inviting entry – stepping into your home should be like a hug from a friend. Provide a place to stop and remove winter clothes and shoes. Toss something delicious in the oven or light naturally-scented candles to create a welcoming mood. 

The little things – make every room matter. A scented candle in the guest bath, a small plant in a window, fresh flowers in the hall, coffee or tea brewing in the kitchen. Coziness is the sense that someone cares.

Minimize media – electronic noise can quickly ruin the cozy mood. Create some time for unplugged pursuits. Turn off the TV and play a game, silence the cell phone when friends are over.

Gathering spots – take it beyond the traditional seating arrangement in the living room. A low bench in a wide hall, a pair of comfy chairs in an unused corner – all create quiet places to sit and chat.

Light it up – winter is a dark time of year, combat the dark with twinkling lights, extra candles and daylight bulbs (choose CFL or LED) in your lamps. The more dreary the day, the more candles you should light.

Pamper yourself – alone time is important to feel calm and refreshed. Got an afternoon free and alone? Put on your favorite music, curl up with a toasty blanket and extra soft pillows, grab a cup of something hot to drink and take a short break from the day. 

Recharge – make your bedroom a sanctuary of peace with good lighting and plenty of soft quilts and blankets.

Be ready – the biggest thing you can do to make your home inviting and warm is to make time for friends. A pot of tea, or cup of coffee only takes a few minutes and provides a welcome moment of pleasure and warmth during the long, cold winter months.

Embrace coziness to get you through the cold days of winter and on into spring, then keep up the tradition all year long.


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