creative rearranging…
a new year, a “new” look

It’s a new year, is it time to get a new look? Your living room is often the center of your home (second to the kitchen, perhaps). It’s where you host parties and hang out with friends and family. Whether your living room is formal or casual, a closed off room of its own, or part of an open layout, giving your room a fresh new look can make it feel like you’ve done a major overhaul. The truth? A little creative rearranging and a few accessory changes is all it takes.

Find your focus—is it a fireplace? The amazing view? The focal point is where you eyes go first when you enter the room. It’s what you should be showing off, and centering the major seating group around. That doesn’t mean that all seating needs to face the main focal point! If your room is large, or very long, consider having two focal points. Or if it’s a multi-use room in an open layout, create one focal point for each purpose area.

Stay seated—whatever seating you’ve chosen, from sofas to arm chairs, lounges and more, try to find balance between large and small pieces. Too many individual chairs can make a room feel cluttered, or more like a hotel lobby, while you may not have space for more than one sofa. “Shop” other rooms in your house for seating pieces to swap with your living area, then try different seating arrangements.

Want to do it the easy way? Measure each piece then either go online and use a floor planning tool, or make templates from newspaper in the size and shape of your furniture. Now arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content to find what works for your space.

Don’t forget tables—you’ve got comfy seating, but where can people put their drinks? Or where can you put your book? Side tables and coffee tables are the key. Generally, place a coffee table 14” to 18” from the sofa and side tables can be just inches away.

Size it right—consider scale and balance in everything. Take a look at our tips for decorating small and large spaces. Make sure your pieces fit in your space and don’t make it feel overstuffed, or like a tiny doll house. Don’t forget things like shelves and benches to add a sense of scale without taking up a lot of floor space.

Get on the flooradd an area rug to bring color and texture to your space. Check out our tips for choosing the right rug. As a general rule, a larger rug will make a space feel bigger. Layering two rugs can create a fun look as well.

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