cyber monday…
get 50% off select glassware…
and three ways to decorate

It’s Cyber Monday, the online equivalent of Black Friday, and the shopping deals are pretty amazing! Bambeco is offering 30% off everything, site wide. That’s 30% off all the stylish, sustainable home décor on the entire site. But… here’s the cool thing. There’s also a special 50% off of some of the coolest glassware you’ll ever see. We’ve told the story of these pieces. They started out as old soda bottles, but in the hands of skilled artisans, have become gorgeous, and green, glassware that you can pick up right now for 50% off. Go ahead, take a look. We love this stuff!

OK, now that you’ve seen these stunning pieces, let’s talk table. There’s no doubt about it, these pieces are not your typical glassware. These sparkle with vibrant colors. They’re bold, bright, and not at all timid. What do you do with pieces like these?

Let them shine! Here’s how!

If you’re going to use brightly colored glassware, you’ve got three main options for how to make it work.

Bright all over

Think of the classic Fiesta Ware, or brightly hued picnic ware. To pull of this look, stick with bold colors and minimal prints and patterns. If you use a pattern, keep it simple. Pair Confetti Recycled Glassware with a Crimson Bamboo Table Runner, then top with a simple floral arrangement in a bright orange aerium. Don’t be afraid of bold color combinations, go ahead and mix that bright red with rich, golden yellows or a pop of turquoise. When combined in layers, bold colors work well together.

Pop that color

For high drama, let your colors pop on an otherwise neutral background, but we’re not talking beige here! Combine the Rioja Recycled Glassware with the Saint Malo Table Linen in black and white. Bring on more black with slate serving trays and accessories. Make sure to pick up the warm colors of the glassware with some cut or dried flowers, and serve up some appetizers or bread on a 19th Century Timber Baguette Board for a touch of warmth. 

Subtle blends

Bring colorful glassware to your table in a more understated way with hints of brights that shine in small doses. Start with the Rainbow Recycled Glassware, it’s mostly clear glass with a broad band of vivid rainbow hues. Place a Brittany Runner down the center of your table, and warm it up with an Olive Wood Serving Board and Olive Wood Nesting Bowls. The warmth of the wood is a perfect complement to the colors in the glass, without being too much.

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