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Start talking daybeds and images of college apartments or children’s rooms spring immediately to mind. But the fact is, a daybed can be the most versatile, functional piece of furniture you own. Their dual nature makes them ideal for small, open-plan homes or multi-purpose rooms that serve as home office, craft room and guest bedroom. So how can you make a daybed work, and not look like you raided a dorm?

Keep the frame simple. Steer clear of ornate designs in favor of sleek lines and simple styles. A solid wood frame will give you the most versatile look, but metal works as well. There are some designs out that are simply upholstered and look very much like a large couch.

Remember, most daybeds are meant to be up against a wall, so place them where you would place a sofa or loveseat, and make sure you’ve left enough room to walk around the bed. If you’ve found a design that works in the middle of the room, go for it! A daybed can be a great lounge spot and room divider.

Speaking of lounge spots, dressing your daybed is important. Start with a good quality fitted sheet. From there, what you do with it depends on how you use your daybed. If it’s a primary sleep space, go ahead and make the bed. Just buy an oversized duvet to act as a slipcover during the day. If your daybed spends more time as a couch, then you might consider having custom slipcovers made to create a more fitted look. You’re really only limited by your imagination and budget.

Use pillows, lots of pillows. Invest in a bolster and lots of large pillows to take up space during the day. They’ll fill up the space and make sitting more comfortable, and if you incorporate standard and Euro-sized pillows in shams, they can do double duty as sleeping pillows. The more you can make it look like a big, oversized lounge spot, the better.

A daybed is something of a cross between a chaise lounge, a large couch and a small bed. Which makes it perfect for multi-use spaces or small homes. It’s like having the world’s comfiest couch all rolled up with a great nap spot and a guest bed.

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