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Eco Christmas Tree

How do you keep your Christmas tree green? No, we’re not talking about watering it. We’re talking about decorating your tree with pretty things that are also planet friendly. When it comes to going seasonally sustainable, there are all sorts of ways to go and we’re going to tackle a bunch of them!

Lighting – invest in LED holiday lights. Not only do they burn cooler and have no filament in the bulb (less fire hazard), they last longer and use a fraction of the energy of regular lights. And they come in all sorts of colors, even a warm white that looks amazingly like incandescent.

Recycle – old CDs and DVDs can be dressed up with glitter, glue and ribbon to make attractive decorations (a great kid project!) and old Christmas bulbs (especially those really big ones) can be cut off the wires and transformed into ornaments. Last year’s cards can be cut into cool holiday shapes and hung from metallic thread.

Au natural – get crafty with natural elements like pinecones, painted eggshells, or bundles of dried herbs for a charming, nature-inspired display.

Edible – string air-popped popcorn and cranberries to hang on the tree, tie in some cinnamon sticks and make some gingerbread men for an old-fashioned holiday. Oranges or tiny apples studded with cloves are another traditional decoration that smells amazing. Extra bonus: do a little research into what the area bird life likes to eat and create garlands from bird-safe foods to hang on outside trees.

Buy sustainable – skip the mass-manufactured ornaments made in China and opt instead for unique ornaments made from reclaimed materials. Your tree will be beautiful and truly, uniquely you while still being planet friendly.

Don’t stop with the tree, set a holiday tone on your mantle and tabletop as well. And don’t forget to engage all of the senses. Pretty sights and Christmassy scents evoke memories of holidays past, but don’t forget the holiday music and the feel of a warm fire, soft blankets, cold snow and all the other winter delights.

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