décor don’ts… and a few green do’s

Spend any time perusing shelter magazines and site and you’ll see all sorts of décor do lists. But with so many different personal tastes and styles of décor, we thought it would be easier to create a décor don’t list. So here it is, our basic top ten list of décor don’ts that still allows you to create your very personal space.


  1. Paint walls before choosing furniture or other major pieces.
  2. Buy pieces that are too large or too small for your space.
  3. Choose a rug that’s too small for your space.
  4. Skimp on lighting—you want your spaces well lit!
  5. Hang window treatments too low, it makes the room feel short and squatty.
  6. Scatter collections all over the house—they make more impact and look neater when grouped together.
  7. Think every wall needs a piece of art—allow for “white spaces” where your eyes can rest.
  8. Go too matchy-matchy—from furniture to throw pillows, mix it up a bit.
  9. Go strictly by looks—consider how a piece will function and feel as well.
  10. Line your walls with furniture—pull things into the room.

That’s a pretty simple list. Now how about some eco-friendly do’s to go along with all those do not’s?


  1. Decorate with live plants—green is good, in more ways than one.
  2. Choose natural fabrics—they’re good for you and good for the planet.
  3. Use wood—especially if it’s sustainably grown or reclaimed.
  4. Use the three R’s in décor—recycled, reclaimed, repurposed.
  5. Consider the whole life of any product you buy—how long will it last, and is it recyclable in the end?

No matter what your personal style—whether you like cottage chic, modern industrial, beach house boho, traditional, or some combination that’s uniquely you, a few simple tips and tricks is all it takes to keep your place looking fabulous, and most of all, green.

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