decorate with candlelight…
it makes everything gorgeous


Candlelight is like magic. The soft, flickering light is universally flattering and sets a mood that is almost irresistible. Candles bring subtle sparkle to any space, and they’re wonderful style chameleons as well – they can be glamorous and elegant, or rustic and homey. Choose natural beeswax candles, or those made from eco-friendly soy wax, and they’re an amazingly green choice that adds unbelievable drama to your home. Go ahead, decorate with candlelight!

Fill a fireplace

Whether it’s a non-working fireplace, or simply not the season, fill the firebox with a collection of candles for a terrific alternative to a roaring log fire. Skip the big wrought iron holders and candelabras of the past and opt for a collection of chunky wood pillars dotted with smaller tea lights for a multidimensional effect that’s warm and welcoming, and not at all fussy.

Top it off

Try arranging candles along the mantle for a sparkling display. You can make a neat and tidy symmetrical line of hurricane lanterns, get funky with bottle lanterns, or go for a mix-and-match grouping that looks casual and relaxed.

Light your table

Candlelight is the classic dinner companion, so reach for those tall candlesticks and light some tapers for your table. For added drama, place a light colored runner down the center of your table and alternate tall tapers and tiny tea lights.

Bookcases like candles, too

A collection of small votives flickering on your bookshelves adds a little shimmer and draws your eye. Choose candles in attractive glass containers so they look just as pretty unlit as they do all aglow.

Welcome home

Brighten your entry with a candlelit tablescape. Try a collection of candles in front of a mirror to amplify the gorgeous light.

Light your steps

Place a pretty votive on each stair riser to create a softly lit pathway. Perfect for guiding guests to the upstairs powder room, or for adding a bit of romance to date night.

Take it outside

Line your walk or front steps with hurricane lanterns or luminaria and set the mood before you even open the door.

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