decorating the entry…
offering a warm, green welcome



Ah, the entry. It’s the first impression of your home’s interior. Whether your entry is tiny or palatial, there are five key ingredients to making a great first impression.

Get some light on the subject – good lighting creates a warm, inviting entry. Choose lights based on your space and what you’re doing with the rest of your entry. In a small space, opt for a tall floor lamp, or wall sconces that take up very little valuable space. In a larger area, striking table lamps are the way to go.

Soften their steps – unless you have a truly tiny entry, always have a great rug. This is not a time to be timid, choose something with a bold pattern. Entry rugs take a lot of abuse, so go for something that’s stylish as well as durable. Remember, a busy pattern will also help hide dirt!

Bring on the color – your entry sets the stage for what’s to come. The natural transition from outside world into your space is an ideal place to show off your style and create a mood. Are you bold and energetic? Calm and refined? Set the tone with color in everything from paint to upholstery and art work.

Show off your style – a little art in the entry goes a long way. Art is incredibly personal, and there really are no rules. Choose pieces that you love and that suit the space. No matter what style you choose, make it all about you and your tastes.

Make it convenient – a place to put things, from keys to mail, is necessary for keeping your entry as welcoming as possible. It also keeps it practical. If you have the space, go for a console table and use it to display artwork and great lighting. If your space is smaller, consider a small table, or even hooks and a small wall-mounted shelf.

Bonus points – a mirror in the entry is not a necessity, but it’s certainly an added bonus. Visually, a mirror can enlarge a too tight space and brighten the area by reflecting more light. A mirror with a beautiful or unique frame can also stand in as a piece of art. And it’s convenient, and not just for you doing that last minute on the way out the door check. Especially in wintertime when guests will appreciate a handy mirror to adjust hair and clothes after the coats, scarves and hats all come off.

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offering a warm, green welcome

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