decorating with flowers…
thinking outside the big arrangements

Flower arrangement

Nothing brightens a room like a few colorful blooms. Whether on a flowering plant, or gathered in a vase of cut blossoms, flowers are a sure-fire trick to making a room look more finished. Though it’s still some time till spring, early blooms will start appearing in some local markets in February. What better away to bring a fresh spring air to your home?

Flowers and plants provide color and life, and you don’t need to have big arrangements to have big impact.

  • Use simple juice glasses, or repurpose small, glass soda bottles and place them in a row on a windowsill, mantel or shelf. Put a single daffodil (or any bloom) in each.
  • Tie bundles of flowering herbs together into handmade sachets to hang from doorways, stair rails, or even cabinet pulls.
  • Large blossoms like hydrangeas look beautiful floated in a big glass bowl on the coffee table or dining table. Try floating a single large bloom in a large bowl for a simple, but striking look.
  • Cut pretty branches from your garden and arrange them in a unique container like an umbrella stand, large vase, or even rubber boots.
  • Don’t limit yourself to vases. Repurpose wine glasses, unusual pitchers, bottles, even tin cans, mason jars or buckets. Hurricane vases are wonderful with flowers as well.
  • Boost the impact of your floral arrangements and plants by accessorizing around them. Rest your containers on pretty bamboo placemats, place them in front of a mirror, or group small containers together on a pretty tray.
  • Create a mini scene with your floral arrangement – a single bloom in a juice glass, a vintage book, and some pretty candles placed together on a side table.
  • Consider dried flowers and herbal wreaths to bring colorful greenery into your home all year long.
  • Get big visual impact by grouping flowers of all one color together in clear containers arranged on a mirror, or colored tray.
  • Place a row of pretty bud vases down the center of your table and fill each with a mini arrangement.
  • Add sliced lemons or limes to the water in a large, clear vase to add even more sunshiny color.
  • Don’t overlook the bathroom. The unexpected placement combined with lots of mirrors and good lighting gives even a small arrangement big impact.
  • Float a pretty bloom in a vintage tea cup for a romantic look on a side table. Perfect for next to your favorite reading chair.
  • Get inspired to creative new looks. Look around Pinterest to find images that you love then use that look to inspire your own arrangements and break out of your usual floral arranging techniques.
  • Fill a pretty bowl or large vase with colorful fruit and use it as a centerpiece for your dining or coffee table.
  • Tuck artichokes, pomegranates and other hardy fruits and vegetables into an attractive basket or wooden box for a fresh-from-the-farm non-floral arrangement.
  • If you prefer live plants, but don’t want the fuss, look at air plants or terrariums. Both will give your room a dose of needed green without too much hassle.
  • If you have a garden, or natural space nearby that allows cutting and gathering, keep your rooms fresh and seasonal by just taking a weekly walk with your cutters and a basket in hand.
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thinking outside the big arrangements

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