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Almost every community has some form of curbside recycling available, and whether yours is single stream or separated out into different days with different bins and colors for each day, it’s all a relatively simple thing to get used to. There’s the compost bin, the plastics bin, the metals bin, the paper bin and then the trash bin for everything else that isn’t a toxic household waste. But then there are those things that you have to ask, “Can I recycle this? And if so, how?” We’re taking on a few less common recyclables and letting you know exactly how to deal with them. So keep reading! We’d love to hear your creative recycling tips as well!

Water Filters
Water filters are a whole mix of materials and you should first check with the company’s website. Brita has a recycling program for their filters – just let the old filter dry, wrap it in a plastic bag and Brita will recycle the plastic into things like toothbrushes, cups and cutting boards. The carbon filter and ion exchange resin are both converted into energy. They’ll even recycle the bag and box you send it in.

Old Tennis Shoes
Give your trusty sneakers a new lease on life by recycling them. Find a sneaker recycling center at RecycldeRunners and your gently worn pair may go to someone needy. For shoes that are too far gone, well, they get shredded into new tracks. Sounds like poetic justice.

Pizza boxes
Food and grease contamination is the primary reason pizza boxes were unacceptable for recycling. Many recycling plants will now accept the box, as long as there is no grease or cheese on it, but not the insert the pizza sits on.

Before you buy that new mattress, be sure to check if the retailer will “trade in” and recycle your old mattress. You’ll sleep better knowing your old mattress isn’t overfilling some landfill.

Tossing batteries in the trash means hazardous metals in the landfills. Recycle them instead. May stores like RadioShack and Office Depot accept rechargeable batteries for recycling. The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation is an option if you have no physical store to take batteries to.

To learn about recycling almost anything, check out Earth 911’s Recycling 101 list.

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