don’t fear the color…
fall color preview!

Color is the fastest way to brighten and personalize a room, luckily the trend in home décor is moving away from neutrals and embracing color in bold new ways. The easiest, and greenest, way to include color is to use paint and accent pieces in strong colors and keep big-ticket items like sofas in the neutral category.

Color sets the tone in your space; it defines the mood, and establishes personality. Adding color can be scary, especially if you’re accustomed to a sea of beige and other neutrals. The first step to bringing some color into your space is to find what works for you. Consider colors that appeal to you. What do you see most frequently in your clothing and accessories? What colors do you reach for when you look at towels and bedding? What colors make you feel good? 

Once you’ve done that, start looking at what you already have that you are not replacing, then turn to a color wheel to help find colors that work with those items. Don’t be afraid of unusual mixes, or bright combinations. Just because you already have a colorful sofa does not mean that everything else must be neutral! Consider the 60-30-10 principle: 60% should be a dominant color, 30% a secondary, and 10% an accent color.

If you plan to paint, check out our guide to eco-friendly painting options, then start exploring online paint selection tools. While they’re not foolproof, they will give you a great starting point for narrowing down your color selection. Try painting a small section of a wall, or a piece of posterboard, then hang it in your room and watch how the color changes during the day, and in different lighting. Got a color you love? Then get painting! Paint is inexpensive and easy to change.

Not in the market for a whole-house makeover, but want to change things up a bit? Bring in colorful accent pieces like throws, vases and decorative bowls; add a few colorful frames and change up your kitchen and bathroom linens. Those are all little things that will easily bring a small pop of fresh fall color to your home.

Our picks for Fall

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Natural Wood – yes, we know this isn’t a color, but natural wood is perfect with this gorgeous eco-friendly Fall palette!

Graphite – the lighter shade of black, this dark gray is a perfect go-to that can play the neutral role, or can be as bold as you want it to be. It’s all about how you accent it. Bonus points: dark gray is a long-standing color in home décor, so go ahead and get the graphite sofa!

Light Steel Blue – a perfectly usable shade of blue that can range from beach-house boho to uber-modern and even handle lakeside retreat or city sophisticate with equal ease. It’s on the neutral side and makes a great background for bolder colors, and it can be used to add a splash of subtle color to an otherwise neutral room.

Goldenrod – there is nothing neutral about this bold member of the yellow family; it’s sunshine and happiness and a great bold color for when red might be too dark. Goldenrod will brighten and warm up any space and it’s a great way to add a jolt of energy and excitement. We love it for its flexibility since it’s equally at home in rustic and modern décor.

Brick Red – go ahead, embrace it. Brick Red is not shy; be bold and go for a red accent wall, or keep it more subdued with subtle accents. There’s something exciting about a pop of deep, dark red that just makes a room. We love this one as a strong accent to brighten up an otherwise gentle palette.

Aubergine – this rich, deep purple color will surprise you with how easily it fits into your décor. Bold, but still subdued, aubergine can be playful or elegant, but it’s always rich. Aubergine will subtly brighten up a neutral palette, but it can also be mixed with other bold colors without being overwhelming.

Wasabi Green – it’s fun and it feels just a little bit wild, but this bright, bold green is the perfect way to add a pop of energetic color into your rooms. Pair it with a dark neutral for a very graphic feel, or add it to light neutrals for a shot of color that won’t darken the room. And if you’re feeling like a walk on the wild side, pair Wasabi Green and either Goldenrod or Aubergine as your accent colors.

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fall color preview!

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