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Dining rooms have been going the way of the dodo bird. Many families simply don’t want a large chunk of their square footage eaten up by a room that’s rarely used. More and more homes feature multipurpose spaces where the dining area is part of the kitchen or family room space. However, there’s something to be said for the value of a formal dining room where family can celebrate milestones and holidays or where guests can gather. Rather than retire the dining room, or worse, relegate it to occasional use, repurpose it to serve double duty. Go ahead, grab your favorite table linens, we’re keeping the dining room!

Line your dining room with bookshelves, rearrange the furniture to accommodate a comfy reading chair in one corner and you’ve got a beautiful home library perfect for enjoying your morning coffee, afternoon tea or entertaining family and friends.

Your dining room can serve as a functional home office or client meeting space with the addition of a few pieces of storage furniture – maybe a beautiful armoire.

Got musicians in the family? A dining room is the perfect rehearsal spot for all but a grand piano. A small chair, music stand, and good lighting will fit in most dining rooms and still leave room for a reasonable table and dining chairs.

Opt for a compact table with benches and add a small seating area. Most homes can benefit from an added intimate seating area for quiet reading or visiting.

Are you a crafter? Like to sew, draw, scrapbook or anything that could use a large expanse of flat surface? With some creative storage furniture and careful planning, your dining room can serve as an ideal crafting space.

Create a home staging zone. Place a console table along one wall and hang an attractive organizer along with it to make an ideal landing space for mail, keys, homework and other must-do things. This works especially well if your kitchen is already crowded and your dining room gets minimal use.

If you’ve got kids (or you’re going back to college) the dining room makes for an ideal study space. Dining rooms are usually close to the kitchen, but away from the hubbub of the family room, so it’s easy to keep an eye on things and minimize distractions.

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