drab to fab…
and green

Drab to Fab

Sometimes, you’ve got a room that’s beautifully decorated but it seems to be lacking a certain finishing touch. And sometimes, well, a room just needs help! We’ve put together five super easy, and easy to green, tips to take any room from drab to fab. 

Add some sparkle – in the form of a mirror, that is. A mirror brightens your room by increasing the light, and since it reflects whatever is in near it, it can double your pleasure if you put art work or flowers in front of it. Bonus 1 – a big mirror can make a room feel much larger, a fantastic thing if you’re living small. Bonus 2 – if your mirror happens to have a fabulous frame, you get the benefits of a mirror and a piece of art, all in one piece. Walls aren’t the only places you can use a mirror, they make great table toppers and trays, too.

The green factor – shop second hand, or look for mirrors with frames made from reclaimed materials.

Speaking of art – if you look at what’s on your walls and don’t absolutely love it, move it somewhere else and put something different (that you do love) in its place. Maybe it’s a beautiful painting. Maybe it’s a grouping of whimsical miniature birdhouses. Maybe it’s framed photos of your family, or the places you’ve vacationed. There is no faster way to make a room feel right than by adding art that you truly love. And a room that’s uniquely you will outlast any trend there is.

The green factor – cool, eco-friendly accents and art pieces are easy to come by, no matter what your personal style.

Get a tray under that thing – that odd collection of keys, sunglasses, a car charger and the mail you need to post tomorrow looks like clutter sitting on the entry table. Put all that stuff on a tray and voila! instant style. Trays magically convey a sense of purpose and control. No, they won’t transform a messy pile into high design, but they do make corralling your stuff look more attractive. Ditto baskets, bowls and other artistic and practical elements.

The green factor – pick up trays made from reclaimed or recycled materials to keep it green.

Put on some shades – lamp shades are very similar to art, if you don’t like them, change them. And if they’re old and worn, replace them. If your lamp is equally unloved, or old and worn, replace it as well.

The green factor – pick shades made from natural fibers, and lamp bases made from sustainable materials.

Sit on it – check your furniture. Do the big pieces convey the sense of style you want for your room? If not, can that be fixed with a slip cover, or a throw and some pillows? If so, go for it and be fearless! Bring in some color and texture. If your main pieces are fine, but you still feel something missing, try a small accent chair and go for something that really stands out.

The green factor – the possibilities are endless! From natural-fiber pillows and throws, to sustainably sourced fabrics and furnishings. Going green has never been so easy.

Bonus tips – hurricanes are your friend. We mean the glass kind that you can put candles in, of course. Change out the contents seasonally and tailor them to your style and they’ll work with any décor – all year long. Pillows are also your friends. They’re easy to change from room to room, add an extra layer of comfort and style and they just look cool. Book aren’t just for reading. A pretty pile of antique books, a basket or shelf full of interesting volumes, or themed books to set off the rest of your décor (nautical books in a beach-theme home?) – they all look lovely and uniquely you. Fresh plants are a fast way to bring some timeless beauty into your home.

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