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We’ve all watched enough design shows and read enough design magazines, blogs and websites that we know good design doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes thought and work to take a room from drab to fab. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choices when you’re looking at a blank slate and literally hundreds of decorating options. Or to feel stuck when faced with the same ole room for yet another day, and you just can’t decide what to do to change it.

Maybe you’ve made the mistakes – bought everything in a neutral color and would up with a bland room, or bought into the trend-du-jour and filled every available corner with… well, whatever it was. Those mistakes aren’t as bad as you might think. Most people have a pretty good idea of what they really want, or how they want a room to feel. What they lack is not vision, what they lack is the knowledge of how to translate that vision into reality.

The answer to that dilemma is planning.

Plan the perfect room

Sounds simple, right? Except most people skip the planning part and go straight from vision to shopping. Think of planning as packing your suitcase for a trip. Sure you could just dream of going to Jamaica, and then at the last minute, decide to just grab some things and go, buying your tickets at the airport. Sounds like a recipe for an expensive and frustrating vacation, right? Your home is no different.

Ask yourself the questions, what do you want to accomplish? What do you want to experience in this room? How do you want it to feel? How does it need to be used? What can you keep? What do you need to purchase?

Plan the perfect price

No one likes talking money, but you need to do it. Everything has a price, and everyone has a budget. If you need a new sofa, and you’re on a limited budget, you can either downgrade on the sofa, or reduce the other items you get. There are different levels of economy and luxury. Consider which you want, and which you can afford, and what things you can purchase on the lower end of the scale to afford other things you want from the higher end.

 Plan the perfect time

As with comedy, timing is everything. If you’re in a hurry, rushing to complete a renovation for a big event, you’re not going to be in the best planning mode and you can make a lot of mistakes, or spend a lot of money on things you may not love later. If you’ve got a big event, decide what you want to do before, and what can wait until after, before a single coat of paint goes down.

Plan what you want to do, determine how much you can, or are willing, to spend, and give yourself the time to get it all done in without rushing and you’re well on your way to taking it from drab to fab.

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