dreaming of a sustainable summer… light up the night

Summer Night Light

We’re prepping for the season with a series of posts – Dreaming of a Sustainable Summer. C’mon in, the water’s fine and the living is green!

Summer days, drifting away… ah, summer nights. The warm, balmy air, gentle breezes and friends gathered on the deck, cold drinks in hand. Eventually, the sun goes down and darkness rolls in, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. Sure, you could flip a switch and turn on the porch light – if you’re on the porch. But what if you’re out in the yard, or you want something with a little more… oh… romance? Pizzaz? Style? OK, you want something with a little more something. And hey, wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to plug it in? Because outdoor outlets are few and far between!

There’s one easy answer – let the sunshine in on your summer nights with solar-powered lanterns.

Dress up your eaves, railing or umbrellas with solar-powered string lights to cast a gentle glow all around. Cluster a group of solar-powered tea lanterns on the table as a pretty and practical centerpiece.

Don’t overlook pathways – light the way to your outdoor party space with pretty lilies that light up at night. Create a fairy tale atmosphere by hanging solar lanterns in trees, or string several large lanterns together to define your party space.

Think of outdoor lighting as both a practical concern – giving your guests enough light to see by, and a pretty one – transforming your outdoor space into a magical place that’s even prettier by night.



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