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No Kill Plants

We all know plants are good for our homes. They are nature’s air filters, gobbling up carbon dioxide and put out oxygen. They’re pretty, they’re soothing, they’re… a whole list of positive things. But what if you’re not a green thumb? We’ve covered easy-grow plants before, but these are even easier. Most of these plants are almost impossible to kill. So, if you’re more of a brown thumb, take a look at some of these options.

Air Plantsalso known as tillandsia, these are so easy it’s almost scary. They require no soil, look really amazing in an other-worldly sort of way and all you have to do is give them an occasional bath or shower. Add bright light and good air circulation and they’ll be very happy plants indeed. Yes, they really are that easy.

Pothos – these leafy vines require periodic trimming, bright light and a twice monthly deep watering. Really. That’s it. With a little care, they’re live for decades. If you forget to water it, the plant will just wilt. To perk it back up, give it a good soak and remove any dry or dead leaves. Voila! Back it comes.

Ferns – these lush, tropical plants only look fuzzy. Offer a fern bright, indirect light, weekly watering and misting and you’ll be rewarded with rich, full greenery. Oh, and if you do “kill” your fern, give it a chance. Cut it back to the base and resume watering, more than likely, you’ll see new growth very soon.

Jade plant – good light, good, well-drained soil and a once or twice a month watering is all this succulent needs to be healthy. It even comes with its own way of telling you it’s thirsty – the leaves will start to wrinkle if you’re underwatering. Give your jade plant a good soak and let it almost dry out before watering again.

Cacti – yes, these are the classic no-kill plants. They’re so drought tolerant you can add a little water once a month to keep them happy. Most cacti like bright sun, and there are so many varieties to choose from it’s almost mind boggling. Allow soil to dry out between waterings.

No Kill PlantsSansevieria – you can practically ignore these things and they’ll be ok. Low light? No problem? Water once or twice a month, and don’t let it sit in standing water or it will rot. The stiff, upright leaves often have a variegated color and there are several varieties to choose from.

Palms – high drama, low maintenance. You don’t get better than that. Not all palms are suited for indoors, so ask at your garden center. Palms tend to like regular watering and bright, indirect light to thrive. Trim off old, brown leaves as needed (or twice annually) – that’s a normal process of palms, it doesn’t mean the plant is struggling.

Ficus – another high drama plant that requires little maintenance, the ficus may seem picky at first, but given bright, indirect light and weekly watering in well-drained soil should keep them happy. The trick with a ficus is to find a spot it likes and keep it there. They will loudly protest moving by dropping leaves. If that happens, don’t panic, give it time, they’ll come back.

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