eco and organized…
five easy tips

Organized Recycling

Going green often goes hand-in-hand with clutter. Between having multiple bins to handle trash and recyclables, and needing space to store all the reusable containers that have replaced plastic wrap and aluminum foil, space can be at a premium. If your version of going green also includes things like crafting and DIY projects, then there are added clutter factors as well.

How does decluttering make for a greener home? An organized house is easier to clean, so you’ll spend less time and energy on cleaning, plus you’ll use fewer products. An organized home also means you know exactly what you do and don’t have, so you won’t accidentally purchase duplicate items.

We’ve put together five super-simple, eco-friendly ways to help bring keep things a little more organized. These are quick, easy things anyone can do.

  • Totes are your friends
    We all know the trick about keeping a pretty basket near the door for our keys, but what about something a bit more portable? Place a sustainable tote bag close to the door (or other busy spot) to hold things you need to take with you on errands. It will help you consolidate your trips and it guarantees you have at least one reusable bag with you all the time.
  • More uses for baskets
    A pretty, and sustainable, basket can corral items in your bathroom or serve as a handy, eco-friendly guest welcome. You can even use baskets, or PBA-free plastic tubs to help organize your reusable food containers.
  • Get rid of extra stuff
    Embrace reusing and recycling by donating or selling your unwanted items on Craigslist, Freecycle, eBay or at a local thrift or consignment shop.
  • Buy recycled
    Whether it’s your home office, or your desk at work, ditch the plastic desk accessories in favor of desk organizer products made from recycled cotton.
  • Get a handle on recycling
    It’s easier to recycle if everything you need is right in one spot. Find out your community’s recycling guidelines and create a one-stop recycling center in your home, complete with appropriate can liners. Make life easier on little ones with pictures on each bin.

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