embrace the dark side…
taking walls dark

Dark walls… they can be instant drama, create a cozy feel, or they can seem dark and depressing. If you love the look of dark walls, but have always feared taking the plunge, we’re about to make things a little easier. We’re going to shine a light into the darkness—it’s time to embrace the dark side and celebrate doing dark walls right! Ready? Let’s go.

  • We all know that white makes bright, right? Ignore the myth that dark walls make a room feel cramped. The adage that black hides a multitude of sins is apt here. Dark colors can help walls and ceilings recede, they can also minimize the appearance of less than perfect walls.
  • Even the lightest and brightest décor can look dull and dreary if a room lacks natural light. Don’t fight it, embrace the dark side and create a space filled with drama and contrast instead. It’s the perfect solution for basement rooms, or even attics with small windows.
  • If you like cozy, try taking your walls darker. Nothing makes a room feel quite so comfy as darker walls. Dens, libraries, and bedrooms can all benefit from the cocoon-like feel you can create with darker décor.
  • Want drama without making a huge investment? Buy paint. Dark walls are the little black dress of the design world. They add instant drama to even the most simple of rooms. Keep your trim light and bright for contrast, or paint it to match to really make the walls recede.
  • Make even the lightest colors really pop by putting them against dark walls. If you’ve been in the pale colors on a neutral background camp and want to make a stunning change, just go dark on your walls. Any color comes to life when placed against a dark background.

Before you go dark, take a look at your space. To keep spaces from feeling like a dark cave, you can either incorporate bright or reflective elements, like mirrors, or you can soften the look with rich colors in warm tones, and lots of pillows and throws. If you’re undecided, try an accent wall to bring in some drama, without the commitment of doing the whole room. Try to focus on a wall that has some interest—like a fireplace, a great view, or the wall where your bed rests.

Go ahead, embrace the dark side! The best part is, paint is the easiest thing to change.

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