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advice for colorphobia


Color is always a hot topic, and with good reason. Color is a big part of a design. Fabulous pieces of sustainable décor are all terrific, but color can make or break a room. If you live with a color lover, but you revel in neutrals, how can you open up to embrace a more vibrant palette and reach a compromise? How do you embrace color as part of your design? Want to cure your colorphobia? Here’s how!

Start with your emotions

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A throw is a casual, easy way to add a bit of colorful spice to even the most neutral palettes.

What do you want your room to feel like? Do you want your bedroom to be soothing, your kitchen bright and invigorating and your living room relaxing and inviting? Every color evokes a feeling, so consider how you want to feel in each room and pick colors that support that feeling in you.

Get complimentary

Check out our post on color theory and design a palette that’s pleasing to the eye. It makes shopping for accents easier when you know what colors will work with what you already have!

Go 60-30-10

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Add subtle color with toned down shades in hidden places. Fill vases with seasonal blooms and group on a tray or in a windowsill.

It’s a common design rule – 60% of a room is decorated in one color used to unify the space. Another 30% is given over to a secondary color to break up the monotony. The final 10% is all about punch, kind of like adding jewelry to an outfit, it’s that little detail that adds pop. Example: walls and floors might represent the 60%, upholstery and drapes are the 30% and accent pieces are the rest.

Tell a story

You don’t have to use the same colors in every room, but the more open your floor plan, the more you want to create a cohesive plan. Play around with your color scheme and try different variations in each room to maintain the mood you want, but preserve your color story.

Start small

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Small accents work wonders! Pick up a color from your throw in a bright accent on a shelf to up your room’s wow factor!

If you’re not ready to go all out with color, start with small pieces. Bring in a colorful recycled glass vase in a bright color. If you don’t want to go too bright, try a photo frame in muted colors. A simple approach is to keep fresh flowers on display. Even a primarily neutral room can benefit from a pop of color, whether it’s subtle or bold. Small accents are easy to change out and update, and won’t overwhelm the room.





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