embracing the wow…
achieving a polished, personal decor

Have you ever really looked at a gorgeous room and wondered what magic went into creating it? Truth is, it’s not magic—it’s just a few tricks that create a balanced, harmonious look. And it’s easy to do. How?

Embrace green
Plants are a fast way to make any space feel more pulled together and welcoming. If you’re not a green thumb, look into hard-to-kill plants or even a terrarium to get some green going with minimal effort.

Embrace eclectic
Just because your home is classic midcentury, you don’t need to be tied to that style. Go ahead and embrace the personal touch and throw in those pieces you love. Ditch the overly matchy-matchy look and tie your spaces together with color and texture.

Embrace softness
Add an extra cushy area rug under your feet to amp up the comfort in any room. Nothing says come on in and curl up quite like a fluffy area rug.

Embrace space
You don’t have to go minimalist to understand the joy of “white spaces”. Resist the temptation to over-crowd your space. The end result will look cleaner, give your eye a place to rest, and feel more streamlined.

Embrace the personal
Just like going a little eclectic, keeping things personal goes a long way to making a space feel complete, without feeling overdone. Something very personal and unique to you is the key—maybe your favorite guitar, or your vinyl LP collection. Any element that reflects who you are makes great décor, and a great conversation starter.

Embrace the vignette
Think of every table, every shelf, every corner as a mini-scene. Each one should complement the whole, but they should also stand alone and pull the viewer in. A pretty tray on an entry table, filled with candles is not only attractive, it’s a practical spot to corral keys. Consider each space, and create little experiences throughout your home.

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