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sensual style

Your home should be relaxing, comfortable, welcoming. It should be an inviting space that reflects your personal style; a safe haven to escape the daily grind of the hectic world. In short, your home should be a sensual experience, a place that looks, sounds, and even smells “right” to you. How can you create a sensual style home, and keep it stylish and sustainable?


A sensual home incorporates contrasting textures. Crisp linen pillows, smooth ceramic vases, and soft, cuddly throws feel as beautiful as they look. Make sure to incorporate fabrics and textures that you want to touch. Using heavier, warmer fabrics in the cooler months and soft, lighter weight ones in summer is another key to a more tactile experience.


Whatever color scheme you choose, the goal is to think spa-experience, or Zen-like. Opt for colors that soothe you and make you feel relaxed and positive and avoid color combinations that are jarring to you. Go for either deep, saturated tones that feel rich or take the opposite approach with soft, washed out colors that soothe the eye.

Electronics and Clutter

Find ways to corral the clutter, especially toys (children’s or pet’s) and work-related items. It’s especially important to find a home for your electronic devices. Your iPad, smartphone, laptop, and other glowing devices should have a resting place at the end of the day. It will make your home feel far more soothing, your space less cluttered looking, and you’ll always know where to find your things!


Use task lighting for desks, reading chairs, and other spaces that need strong light. Everywhere else, opt for softer, more subtle lighting and get dimmable, warm-toned LED bulbs, then install dimmers. You will be amazed at the difference!


Layers and textural contrast are your friends. Use area rugs to define different spaces and create visual and tactile interest. A soft, plush recycled paper shag rug has a surprisingly soft feel that will make you want to curl your toes into it. Cover hard floors with something soft and inviting.

Get Natural

Incorporate natural elements and materials wherever possible. Bring in a pretty plant, use a natural wood bowl for décor, and look for opportunities to add the smooth warmth of bamboo or wood and contrast it with the coolness of stone.

Set the Mood

To create a sensual home and engage all of your senses, don’t overlook scent, sound and taste. Light some naturally-scented candles, put on your favorite music and grab your favorite drink – a glass of wine, cup of tea, or whatever makes you feel good.

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