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Faces Juli

At bambeco, we’re all about the little things. We believe that small steps can lead to big change. We’re also all about the good life. We believe that stylish and sustainable not only can work together, they should work together. And it’s not just a corporate thing, our team members are some of our best (and most particular) customers!

We’re continuing our Faces of Bambeco series – today, we’d like to introduce Julie, a member of our Content Management team. When we asked Julie about her favorite bambeco product, she didn’t hesitate when she gave us her choice.

Name: Julie

Favorite bambeco product: Recycled Railroad Tie Bench

Why: At first glance it looks like a cool rustic piece of furniture, but when you really look, you realize it had a previous life, and a story!

How does it fit in your life: I grew up just two blocks from a train station, so I have a fondness for trains – the sounds, the speed, the fact that the train always brought my dad home from work. Now, living on my own, having the Railroad Tie Bench in my apartment brings back great memories and makes me feel at home.

What’s your favorite green feature about this product: I love that it had a previous life, that it was used for something completely different, and instead of being thrown away when that life was over, it was repurposed into something cool and useful.

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