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for the coffee table

coffee table

Ah, the coffee table. It’s something of a staple that even comes with an almost foolproof decorating and accessorizing formula – something tall, something fresh, something oddball, something bookish. Which is great, and super flexible, and super easy. But let’s take coffee table décor to the next level. It’s time to incorporate seasonal elements. These tips can apply to any decorated surface in your home – from the side table next to your sofa, to the console table in the entry hall or the bookshelves in your family room and the nightstand in the bedroom. Anywhere you would normally decorate and accessorize can get a little fall facelift. Here’s how.

  • Rich colors – toasty tones conjure up images of autumn foliage, pumpkins and cool nights, so reach for those shades in candles, book covers, vases and other accessories. What to do if you prefer things on the cool side? Opt instead for deep, rich colors like mossy greens, dark slate blue, and gray-toned browns. You’ll still get the rich feeling of fall, but in the cool shades you like.
  • Tray it up – using a tray to corral your accessories just makes sense. It looks good, can make a small collection of assorted things look amazing together, and makes it easy to move things around if you need to. It’s also a perfect opportunity to add color, like the pop of a bright red tray, or a little shot of nature in a reclaimed wood tray.
  • Learn to love wood – no matter what your style, or your color palette, there’s one thing that always looks good and that’s natural wood. Try a pretty wooden bowl filled with found objects, or display dried flowers in a gorgeous vase made from gnarled roots.
  • Light it up – candles are great all year long, but they’re almost a necessity for fall. Nothing warms up a room quite like flickering candlelight. Place a tray of candles on your entry table, or fill a hurricane with found stones for a personalized look.
  • Get whimsical – when it comes to that “oddball” item, we like to get a little whimsical, and what’s better for fall than a rustic metal owl figure? One that’s made from reclaimed industrial drums, of course!

Add a touch of fall to your décor in an unexpected way. Your home will look fresh and fabulous, and you’ll enjoy the season even more.

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