fall prep…
getting a seasonal headstart

fall prep

Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and fall is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about warming up your home for the season. Crisp cool mornings beg for a soft throw and we start thinking of apples and pumpkins and fall leaves. Fall is a magical time of calm after the heat of the summer and before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Is your home ready for the change? Spring cleaning was months ago, it’s time for some fall prep.


Start with a quick pass around the house to remove the scuffs and marks of coming and going, then move on to the kitchen and give it a good cleaning. As the holidays approach, the kitchen will get a lot of use, so now’s the perfect time to clear out cupboards and reorganize things.

While you’re at all this cleaning, make sure your floors are in good shape. As the weather cools down, everyone will be spending more and more time inside, so clean those carpets and mop those hardwoods.

Outdoors, check the paint and take care of any touchups before cold weather makes it harder. Now’s the time to check the weather seals on your windows and doors as well to ensure they’re ready for fall.

Take a trip to the attic or basement and get an early start on digging out those holiday decorations. Now’s the perfect time to move them to the front as you start packing up summer’s toys for next year. While you’re doing that, start switching out your clothes as well. It’s time to put away the tank tops and shorts and dig out the sweaters and scarves. Colder weather will be coming in sooner than you think! Get organized now to save time and effort later. 

Add some color

Embrace fall décor with colorful mums and other seasonal flowers clustered together to greet guests. Dress your outdoor spaces for fall to extend their use way past summer’s heat. Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, they also make great outdoor décor!  Add pops of yellow, orange, muted red and browns to create a festive, seasonal look. On the back deck, swap out the bright summer colors for an indoor-outdoor area rug in muted fall tones.

Indoors, add autumn colors to your mantle and don’t forget lots of candles. Take your table into the next season with warmer colors and heavier fabrics on table runners as well. Take a look around your rooms and grab anything that screams summer, then replace it with the warmer tones of fall. Look to accent pillows, throws and area rugs for a quick and easy seasonal change.

Swap scents

Whether you use scented candles, potpourri or essential oils, start moving away from the fresh summery scents and embracing the warm, spicy aromas of autumn. Warm scents like ginger-nutmeg and pomegranate-currant are perfect for early fall.

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