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Feng Shui

Whether you believe in the art and science of Feng Shui or not, surely all of us could use a little more positivity in our lives. A few simple steps, inspired by the techniques of Feng Shui, can easily make your home a more positive, harmonious place to be.

These easy steps are inspired by the “form” school of Feng Shui which addresses the arrangement of a building or room. Try them all, or find the ones that seem easiest to you, or go for the ones that you feel will have the most impact on your life.

Declutter – everyone has a different level of clutter tolerance. Find yours and work to keep your spaces well within that range. Eliminate items that are out of place, out of date or have become irrelevant. Organize your work areas for ease of use, make sure to include your electronic files as well. Tackle closets and storage spaces, clearing out unneeded or unused items. Look to large surfaces like tables, countertops, beds and seating surfaces and ensure they are clear to perform their required function.

Go with the flow – look at how people move through your space and rearrange furniture so it doesn’t impede natural traffic patterns. As much as possible, keep windows and doorways unobstructed by furnishings. Ensure that all doors, drapes and blinds open and close easily, without having to perform gymnastics to reach the blind pull. Entrances should be visually attractive and welcoming, include a mirror or painting to enhance the space. Along traffic patterns, avoid sharp, pointy corners that can create an unconscious sense of tension. Smooth lines mean comfort and safety. 

Treat your senses – engage all five senses in your home. Appropriate lighting and accents of bright or energetic colors liven up your space. Use music to create a mood from soothing to energizing, and tailor it to suit the occasion. Use scented candles to bring in uplifting and pleasant aromas. Use pillows, throws and upholstered fabrics to stimulate the sense of touch and create a welcoming environment. Whether you cook or order in, good, healthy, tasty food always makes a home a better place to be. Add to the positive energy by making environmentally conscious choices for everything from furniture to accessories and even food.

Get emotional – make your space personal with photos and mementos of your life, your friends and family. Enhance the comfort of your home by adding elements that nurture you, and are good for the planet – a cozy throw, scented candles, soothing soaps and lotions.

Try a few, or all, of these simple tricks and enjoy the positive changes in the way your home feels.

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