feng shui the eco way…

Décor trends come and go, but every now and then, a concept comes along that seems to have staying power. When Western culture embraced feng shui, it seemed like it would be just another decorating fad, but time has proven otherwise. Feng shui is intended to open up the flow of energy in your home and bring a sense of peace, harmony, and renewed energy. We’ve talked about it quite a bit at Inspired Habitat, and for good reason. Feng shui and eco-friendly go hand-in-hand. Feng shui is about harmonizing life with the surrounding environment. Sustainable décor promotes living in harmony with the earth and creating a healthy, clean living environment that protects the earth, and honors its people. Both are concepts rooted in living in harmony with nature.

Whether you believe in the energetic side of feng shui or not, many elements of the philosophy apply to living well, and living green. And they look good!

One of the first tenets of feng shui is to declutter. Removing clutter makes a home feel more calm and inviting—it’s a more relaxed and comfortable space. Make sure your entry is inviting—use candles near your door to welcome guests into your home. Throughout your spaces, use energy-efficient bulbs to create softer ambient lighting—save those bright lights for task lighting—and don’t forget lots of candlelight!

Embrace nature—open your windows to let fresh air in, especially important after a long winter. Add living plants, fresh flowers, and even bowls of fruit as decorative elements that bring living energy into your spaces. Incorporate other natural elements like bamboo, small rocks, shells, branches, and found items from nature to bring the outdoors in.

Feng shui incorporates elements of water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Bring these elements in through sustainable choices like reclaimed woods and metals.

On the surface, the philosophies may seem different, but once you look deeper, it’s easy to see how similar they really are. Two great ideas that work well together.

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