it’s a festival of color…
celebrating your own carnival

It’s February and that means Carnival is right around the corner! You don’t have to go to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate! In the US, we may be more familiar with the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras, but elsewhere around the world, Carnival is a colorful season of parties, parades, dancing and food. Lots, and lots of food. You don’t have to be marking Fat Tuesday and Lent to celebrate Carnival.

What better way to brighten up the gray chilly days than to gather good friends for food, fun and laughter? The menu is easy—you can go traditional, or just any party foods—but skip the light fare, this is the time for meal-type salads, rich pastas, and lots of decadent foods, and don’t forget dessert!

For decorations and serving—think color, and lots of it! Don’t be shy. Carnival is a riot of bright, lively color!

Mix up a pitcher of mojitos, or try the Brazilian favorite, caipirinha—a mix of sugar cane spirits, lime, sugar and ice. It can also be made with vodka or even sake in place of the sugar cane spirits.

Encourage your guests to dress in their brightest party clothes, and complete the Carnival theme with some traditional samba music.

Now, get ready to dance the night away!

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