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Like most of us, I love the unexpected. Like the pairing of Rustic and Refined. Simple and Sophisticated. Sustainable and Chic.
It’s amazing to think that every one of these distinctive artisan-created pieces are reclaimed, repurposed, recycled, organic or natural. But they are. Every one of them. Our approach is founded in the belief that sustainability is personal. To change hearts and engage minds we must inspire…
and I think we’ve done a remarkable job at doing just that—we hope you agree.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to bambeco’s Collections—sustainable chic furnishings and accessories for every corner of your home, designed to empower you to change the world…one room at a time.
Susan Aplin, Co-Founder and CEO, bambeco

Home… your sanctuary… your place of restoration… a place to express yourself and be who you really are… where you welcome friends and loved ones… where life, love, and laughter abound.

Explore a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where time flows backwards, and a sense of history and purpose prevails. A world where sustainability isn’t just a word, but a way of life. Inspired by nature. Infused with the earth. Where reverence for people and planet combine. This is bambeco chic.

Which bambeco collection is right for you? Find your very own bambeco chic!

Industrial Chic


Individual. One of a kind. Uniquely you. You look for a sense of history in all things. A link to the past, evidence of a life lived. Eclectic and edgy. Creative and inspired. Everything has a story, a conversation to be had.

The Look:
Aged patina, weathered pieces with clear history, industrial use

Signature Pieces:

Rustic Refined


Romantic. Relaxed. Sophisticated. Cozy. Evoking images of walks in rolling vineyards, days spent relaxing in the shade of the porch. Comfort and easy-going style. Rustic luxury at its best. Charmed by the artisan, you find value in all things hand-touched.

The Look:
Natural and organic, warm pieces, texture prevails

Signature Pieces:

Modern Fusion


Sleek. Uncluttered. Refined. Bold. Form follows function in your world. Unrestrained design fusing high style with organic materials. Touchable. Livable. A sense of peace and calm prevail. You love clean lines and look for the inherent WOW in architectural elements.

The Look:
Lean, clean and uncluttered, minimalistic but exuberant, tranquil and Zen

Signature Pieces:

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