finishing touches…
it’s the little things

You’ve done the big stuff, bought the furniture, found the right area rug, even handled the lighting, window treatments, and wall art. So what’s left? Why doesn’t your space look fabulous? Chances are, you’re missing those little finishing touches that give any room that boost of a little something extra. How can you get that feeling in your home? All it takes is a little creativity and know how, and we can help.

  • Something old—adding something that’s full of memories is a sure-fire way to create a personal touch to your space. Think about things like that old, wooden sailboat model your grandfather built. Or your grandmother’s collection of old cookbooks.
  • A picture’s worth 1,000 words—family photos give any space a more personal look. You don’t need to plaster your walls with horrible school photos. Instead, pick favorite images from vacations, or historic photos of your family and display them in cool frames.
  • Evidence of life—a magazine that looks like it’s been read, cut flowers that don’t look too arranged, children’s art. Anything that says “people live here” will take your home from sterile to stunning.
  • Something to read—books are intimate, revealing. They show a side of your personality that is normally hidden. Displaying your books makes your room feel more welcoming and warm.
  • Use the room—an empty, unused room has no soul. If you only use your formal dining room once or twice a year, it’s time to repurpose that space for every day life! Put a big comfy chair in the corner and turn it into a reading nook. Add a big comfy throw and it’s a favored nap spot.
  • Something you feel—a soft throw, a nubby pillow, the smooth contours of carved wood. Tactile things make a room feel more alive and personal.
  • Things you love—decorate with things you truly love and your room will always feel good to you. That’s the real secret to personal décor that feels finished. Always remember to include the little things that you love.
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