five tips for a better hall…

Hallways come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a tiny space between two doors, or long narrow passages in an old building, or even broad expanses that almost resemble a room. The hall is the traditional place for hanging family portraits and other special memories. But what if you want your hallway to be something more? How can you create a hall that’s as carefully decorated and personal as the rest of your home? We’ve got five tips for perfecting the hall space.

  1. Make a connection
    Use runners to create a sense of unity with the rest of your home. Hallways can feel disconnected from other rooms. Add warmth and texture by pulling in colors and patterns from adjoining rooms in a hallway runner.
  2. Embrace drama
    Create a focal point by hanging an oversized piece of artwork, showcasing a handcrafted vase, or making a vignette of vintage and found items. Go ahead and be bold, the hallway can handle it.
  3. Open up
    If your hall is small, or dim, create the illusion of a bright, cheery space. This is one space where scaling down the size of your furniture is a good idea and leaves floor, and visual, space more open. Hang a mirror to reflect light and keep the space from feeling cave like.
    Alternately, go dark. Create high drama by taking your small hall to the dark side—paint your walls a deep neutral and accent the space with light colors, or reflective surfaces.
  4. Have a landing space
    If your hall is near an entry, create a space where keys, coats, mail, bags, shoes, and other evidence of coming and going can be corralled. Don’t forget a place where people can sit to take off their shoes. If it’s near a bathroom or bedrooms, consider tucking extra linens and supplies in a handy closet or cabinet. Or if it’s large enough, tuck a small reading chair and bookshelf into a corner to create a cozy reading spot. Transform the hall into a practical, usable space, not just a passage from one room to another.
  5. Get organized
    No matter what the size or function of your hallway, keep it neat and organized. Keeping your hall free of clutter will help it feel less cramped, and creates a positive impression of your space. Even if the room beyond is less than perfect. A well decorated, well-kept entry hall sets the tone for the rest of your home.
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