forget spring cleaning…
green prepping for the holidays

Holiday Prep

Summer’s over and the pleasant days of Fall are starting, which means the holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about hosting dinners and having guests. Forget Spring Cleaning, it’s time for Green Holiday Prep!

Keep your holidays relaxed and worry free by getting an early start on the stuff you can do now. It’s easy to overlook the little things. Does your guest bed need linens? Do you have extra towels on hand for guest showers?

It’s time to eat

Check your stash of napkins, tablecloths, placemats or whatever table linens you use. Now is the perfect time to pull them out and check their condition. Are they stained, do they need replacing and do you have enough for the guests you will be serving? It’s easier and less stressful to take care of that now than to wait till the holidays are looming. Ready to update or expand? Look for eco-friendly table linens to give your holiday entertaining a great new look. In the kitchen, holidays mean lots of dishes, are you set with plenty of tea towels? They’re incredibly handy and flexible, so make sure you’ve got plenty on hand for drying dishes, using as trivets, pot holders, bread basket liners and more.

Count the silver

Take stock of what you have on hand for dishes. Everything doesn’t have to match, but you’ll want to be sure you’ve got enough plates, bowls, cups, glasses and silverware to serve each meal. Are you short a plate because you broke one last year? Planning to make a new dish this year and don’t have the right pan for it?

Take a bath

Is your bathroom guest ready? You don’t have to buy brand new everything just to have holiday guests, but just like in the kitchen, now is the best time to take stock of what you have, clean what needs cleaning and replace what needs replacing. Give your guests, and yourself, the luxury of organic bath towels for the holidays. Take a look around at your shower curtain and other bath accessories as well and be honest. Is it time to update or upgrade, or do the ones you have just need a good cleaning?

A good night’s sleep

Whether your guest bed is a convertible sofa in the living room or a bedroom with en suite bath, make sure you’ve got sheets, blankets and pillows for your guests. If you’re going to have company for more than a few days, or you’ll have back-to-back guests using the same bed, you’ll want two sets of sheets for each guest bed. Check sheets and blankets for wear and tear and make sure they fit the bed well. One often overlooked item is bed pillows; make sure you have at least one pillow for each person who will be staying with you.

With all the usual hustle and bustle of holiday decorating, gift buying, meal planning and travel arranging, it’s easy to miss the little things and suddenly find yourself with overnight guests and no extra towels. Take a few minutes now to go through your holiday plans and assess what you already have and what you may need to get. Then when your guests arrive, you can relax and enjoy their company, and that’s as it should be.

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