FROM CHORE TO CHAIR Folding Recycled HDPE Adirondack Chair in Black


Changing the world isn’t about being radical but real. It’s about doing something good for the planet, everyday, sometimes without even knowing the full impact of our positive actions.

For instance, how many loads of laundry do you do in a week? And what do you do with all those plastic laundry jugs? 

Perhaps you toss them in the trash without thinking twice—

we all know this choice feeds the landfills. 

Or perhaps you are the one that does your best to recycle those (significantly sized) containers—but do you know precisely where this noble choice really leads?

Did you know?

The average US household will dispose of 2,960 plastic bottles and jugs in a lifetime. Considering there are more 117,000,000 households  in this country alone, that is a lot of plastic.  

Yet, thanks to innovative minds and skilled hands something as seemingly useless as a plastic jug can be transformed into something as useful and beautiful as an adirondack chair. 


Using eco-friendly manufacturing techniques,  plastic jugs are melted down and transformed. Watch the video–

For those of us who hate to do the laundry (and who enjoys it?) your recycling efforts become payback, turning chore into chair. 

A place to perch and watch the sunset… after the work of the day is done. 


There is an inherent and profound connection between us and our environment. That’s why everything we do—from our manufacturing processes to our materials, our best practices to our products–measurably impacts the earth for goodSusan Aplin, Co-Founder & CEO, bambeco


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