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Got an entryway or foyer that could use a little lift? It doesn’t matter whether your entry is a tiny landing or a gracious hall; it doesn’t matter whether you call it the foyer, entryway, vestibule, front hall, entrance, anteroom, or just that space by the front door. It’s a hardworking multi-tasker that serves as a place to greet guests, be welcomed home, or prepare to leave. It gives guests a first glimpse of our style and serves as a landing zone for coats, keys, and more. It’s a busy space, so why not give it a fresh new face? We’ve got some key tips to adding sustainable style and color to your entryway.

  • Keep it simple
    If your entry is wide open to the rest of your home, it may be hard to know where the entry stops and the living room begins. Keep it simple and give your eyes a break by sticking to a similar color palette in all connecting rooms.
  • Show it off
    On the other hand, if you’ve got gorgeous architectural details, go ahead and highlight those with dramatic colors, strong contrasts that coordinate, but don’t match, the adjoining rooms. Here is where you can really get away with rich, saturated colors and high-contrast trim.
  • Seek balance
    The bigger and showier the space, the less you need to add drama, the space speaks for itself, so you might choose more restrained colors. In a smaller, or plainer space, you might want to oomph up the details, and the color, a bit. Choose a color palette that makes the space feel welcoming and wonderful.
  • Cause a scene
    The standard formula of console table, color, light, mirror and one really cool, eye-catching accessory or detail is practically foolproof. Make it your own by adding a framed family photo, or opting for some whimsical, eco-friendly accessory.
  • Get artsy
    If your entry lacks character, fake it by creating a gallery wall. Add a single, large piece of art for a strong statement, or consider creating a gallery of framed photos and favorite images. Go for sleek matching frames for a modern look. It may seem counterintuitive, but a wall of framed photos can actually make a small space feel larger.
  • Make it work
    Consider how you really use the space and make adaptations that work. Need to hang coats, but lack a closet? Install some cool hooks. Like to sit and take off your shoes? Put in a great bench. Make the space work for you.
  • Be real
    You can throw every trick in the book at a miniscule foyer, but the fact is, it will still be tiny. Accept it and embrace it. Go ahead with the deep, dark colors, add some lights and a mirror or three and you’ve got a tiny space that packs a punch.
  • Don’t forget the door
    It’s an entry, so it’s got a door. Why not adds some interest to yours with some paint? Try a bright, contrasting color for a shot of unexpected drama.

No matter what its size or shape, show your foyer some love and give it a fresh new look for the upcoming season.


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