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Airing out for warmer weather

Spring Clean

It’s that time of year… time to set your clocks forward, get the garden ready for warmer weather and the dreaded spring cleaning! Whether you just open the windows and air out, or give your home a top-to-bottom deep clean, put a green spin on things this year.Yes, that means reaching for less toxic cleaners instead of the super smelly, chemically-laden ones. Mrs. Meyer’s has you covered in that department. You could also DIY with all-natural cleaners you make yourself. But since it’s spring, a time of new beginnings, why not take the opportunity to green up the rest of your home?

  • Add some natural air filtration with plants and flowers.
  • Declutter your home and contribute to the reduce, reuse, recycle cycle – clean out your closets and storage areas and donate or find homes for anything in good shape. Recycle everything else.
  • Freshen up with a coat of no- or low-VOC paint for a clean spring look.
  • Replace your candles with earth-friendlier soy and beeswax options for cleaner air in your home.
  • Open those windows and doors then give your home a good sweeping and vacuuming. You want to get rid of all the stale winter build up and let in some fresh spring air. Cool tip: to keep flying dust to a minimum while you’re sweeping, lightly spritz your broom bristles with water just before you sweep. It won’t muddy things up, but dirt will sweep up instead of flying around.
  • Clean paperless – keep your spring cleaning green by using cloth instead of paper for all the dirty work. Don’t worry about the cloths, they can all go together in one load – let them soak for a bit before washing to get out stubborn stuff.
  • If you haven’t done it already, get an energy audit and seal up your weather strips around windows and doors. The pleasant spring weather will turn to summer before you know it!
  • Take a look at your towels and bedding. Is it time to replace any of it? If so, take the opportunity to invest in quality, eco-friendly items like bamboo towels and organic cotton sheets.
  • Clean out your ‘fridge. Yeah, we know, you do it every week when you put away the groceries, so do we. But no matter how careful you are, things get funky in there. Give your ‘fridge a good cleaning and wipe down.
  • Still have incandescent bulbs? Ditch ‘em once and for all and replace them with CFL or LEDS.
  • Take a look around for household hazardous waste and then find out how to get rid of it in your community.
  • While you’re at it, take a look at the outside of your home to see what needs fixing up. Are the gutters in good shape? Is your rain barrel ready? How are your screens and window seals?
  • Check and replace the filters on your AC units and get them serviced before the weather starts heating up.


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