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lighting design for the room you’re in

Mood lighting

Good lighting can completely change the character of a room. Natural light may be the best thing going, but when the sun goes down, even the most sun-blessed room is no different than a basement. Gone are the days of ugly overheads, now we embrace task lighting, and more importantly, mood lighting. Determine how you want each room to feel, and design your lighting plan around that feeling.

Create community

Ever notice how dining tables tend to have a big pendant or chandelier over them? Or entry ways? It’s not just the most efficient method of lighting those spaces, it also brings attention to the center of the room and urges everyone to centrally congregate – toward each other.

When to go big

Want a truly luxe feeling in your room? Add a giant light fixture – we’re talking hotel-lobby size, it will make you feel like your room should be on the cover of a book. Oversized fixtures require the room space as well as a certain, slightly over-the top personality to pull off. If that’s you – go for it!

Cozy up to rustic

If you’re battling a too-formal feeling space, loosen up a little with a rustic styled lighting fixture. It doesn’t matter if farmhouse-chic is not your thing, rustic can go modern and sleek as well. The key is to find a piece that works with your existing décor and let the rough-hewn nature of your lamp really shine.

Bringing it in

Large open spaces can feel like they lack intimacy, bring it back in a bit with compartmentalized lighting – add sconces to flank a seating arrangement, or highlight a reading nook. The sconces will help define the individual space and make it feel cozier.

Get reflective

Take a cue from the Victorians and amplify your lighting with strategically-placed mirrors. During the day, mirrors directly across from a window amplify the natural light, and at night, place a lamp in front of the mirrors to help bring diffuse light throughout the room.

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