get industrial…
in your own backyard

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Sleek and chic… perfect for outdoors

Throw open the windows and the doors! Bask in the sunshine and let go. Summer is time to relax and unwind, to reconnect with friends and family. And time to take your entertaining outdoors!

Treat your outdoor spaces the same way you treat the rest of your home—think of it as a room to be decorated. Whether it’s your deck or patio, or a reclaimed space you’ve discovered. Your only limit is your imagination, embrace the past and let your new space tell a unique story. We love seeing an old motorhome parking pad transformed into a terrific new outdoor dining patio. Or a neglected barn become a cool new hangout for friends. What stories can your outdoor spaces tell?

Welcome to Industrial Chic

Classic with an edge, and a definite history. Create an outdoor space as unique and chic as you are. The look resonates with story. Filled with one-of-a-kind items, things with a utilitarian past, now put to beautiful new use. Creative. Expressive. Individual.

Get the look…

It starts simply. Clean lines and simple forms. A long table, left bare—easy care, all the better to see the marks of time. Add simple seating, classic metal chairs in a surprising pop of subtle color. Now accessorize. Nothing is off limits—an old enamel bowl? The perfect receptacle for fresh fruits. Need a place for a big bunch of blooms? Arrange them in an oversize metal cream can. Mix and match, pull from history, let the past influence your present.

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