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You’ve picked your destination, you’ve made your plans and maybe you’ve even packed your bags. You’re ready for summertime travel! Don’t forget the smartphone. Travel comes with headaches and hassles, there’s no doubt about that. And if your vacation goal includes “unplugging” and getting back to nature, you might want to keep that little piece of technology handy. Why? You mean, aside from its use as a camera? Well, you want a greener vacation? You guessed it, there’s an app for that.

Greener Travel

Trip It – a powerhouse app that pretty much does it all when it comes to travel plans. Flight info, hotel and car reservations, tour confirmations, everything in one place. Add it all in and Trip It creates a complete itinerary that you can sync to your calendar.

FlightTrack – Track your flight at over 16,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide. Provides flight and gate information, delays, cancellations and even flight maps.

GateGuru – get flight and airport information, including check-in terminals, departure times, status and even weather. Just for fun, you can also see how far you’ve flown and how many airports you’ve been through.

Getting Around

Google Translate – Forget the cumbersome dictionary, this handy app will help you translate text and spoken words from 65 languages. You can even speak phrases and hear translations in 17 common languages and there’s a Conversation more that allows you to communicate with speech-to-speech translation in 14 languages.

WiFi Finder – Avoid using up your data plan, find WiFi wherever you are with this registry of over 825,000 locations in 145 countries. Not on iOS or want a different app? No problem, Google wifi finder and you’ll be amazed at how many options you find.

Yelp – Tried and true, Yelp is possibly the best app for crowdsourcing of locals. Want to find food? It’s easy, use the “nearby” search to tap into your GPS and find what’s near you. User reviews with tips and photos will help you choose.

How Much?

XE Currency – Know how much your dollar is worth with this simple currency converter that gives you access to over 30,000 real-time currency charts. Know the price before you purchase!

Keeping in Touch

Skype Mobile – Want to stay in touch without racking up a huge phone bill? Find a WiFi spot and connect with Skype instead for free to low-cost calls over the internet and forget about roaming fees.

Back to Nature

Green Boot – There’s nothing fancy here, it’s a pedometer, pure and simple. But there’s a twist. The app serves up ads while you have it running then donates a portion of the revenue to a nonprofit or project that promotes land conservation. Best of all, you get to choose which one from their list of over 90.

National Parks Field Guide – Easy, on-the-go access to park info, including wildlife, history, maps and more. Especially helpful? A list, including images, of poisonous plants in the area.

Project NOAH – Got a wildlife photo? Tag it and share it to the NOAH site where it’s cataloged with thousands of other sightings. Broken down by category (Plants, birds, mammals, etc) the results are also geotagged, so you can search for and discover plants and animals near you.

Google Earth – More than just a fun visualizer, Google Earth allows you to preview elevation gain for a big hike, or preview the terrain for a new bouldering spot. It’s the next best thing to having wings.

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