gifts that keep on giving…
making the holidays special

When you’re looking for that perfect gift, you want to find something meaningful, something special, something that the recipient will really love. What if you could give a gift they would not only love, but that would bring about happy memories for years to come? Those are the gifts that are truly special—they keep on giving long after the holiday has faded into memory.

Start a new tradition—if you cut a tree, plant a tree. This grow-your-own Scotch pine kit will produce a 7-8 foot tree in just 6-8 years, so they can create their very own tree farm. Or… leave each tree stand as a reminder of holidays gone by.




A personal forest—a kit filled with everything they need to grow their own miniature redwood grove. Keep these beautiful trees as bonsai and they’ll reach up to 2-3 feet in 3 years. Or… they can transfer the trees to their yard and let them grow.




Plant more trees—a recycled stainless steel bottle that keeps cold things cold for 24 hours, and hot things hot for 12, this is the last bottle they’ll ever need. Even better? For each “One S’well – One Tree” bottle sold, American Forests will plant one tree.

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