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Bold Fall Color

Color, color everywhere! This Fall’s colors are fearless and bold! From cool and icy Light Steel Blue to the warmth of Brick Red, there’s nothing shy about the Fall palette. Color is something that can easily intimidate, especially if you’ve been in homes where there’s a sea of beige and off white. Strong colors don’t have to overwhelm a space, and if used correctly, they bring a welcome sense of warmth and personality to a room. A living room with four bright red walls might be a bit much, but an accent wall, combined with accessories in a similar color can be just right.Paint is an easy way to experiment with bold colors, as are accessories and small rug and throws. If you choose to go bold on a big furniture piece, make sure it’s a classic color that will stand the test of time, and also one that you absolutely love.

Most of us have learned to fear paint. Years of living surrounded by off-white walls in dorms and rental homes have trained us to shy away from anything but the lightest of wall colors. Paint is easy, it’s affordable, and with the low- and no-VOC options, it’s also an eco-friendly way to brighten and update your décor.

Color can give a room a new look, think of it as a face lift for your room. If your big furniture pieces are neutral, you can add terrific personality with some coordinating paint and accessories.

Paint the Walls Red – don’t be afraid of it! Dark red walls create a mood that mellows a room, making it feel cozy and intimate. It’s a rich color and will also make neutral toned furniture pop. Want to go graphic? Pair red walls with Graphite furniture for an on-trend modern look that’s totally updatable.

Going Goldenrod – if you want to paint your walls this rich golden yellow, you can take two routes. Go modern by pairing it with an icy neutral like Light Steel Blue, or a dark one like Graphite and accenting with another bright color. Or, take your cue from the garden and pull in lots of bright, bold colors inspired by a bouquet in bloom.

Graying Down – not all strong colors are stimulating. Graphite is sophisticated and modern, and can be a bit edgy if you want it to. It makes for a gorgeous backdrop for bright colors and lighter neutrals in your room, and that’s something that never goes out of style.

Most people think painting a room a dark color will make it feel smaller. While deeper colors can make a room feel cozy, they also make the walls recede, which can make the room feel bigger. Dark colors do impact our perception of light in a room. A room with dark painted walls will tend to swallow light, which can make a room feel cozy, or small, depending on what else you do. If you want to preserve an open feel, but still use a dark, bold wall color, make sure to add plenty of light accents – bright accessories, shiny surfaces and lots of mirrors to brighten and lighten the room.

Not sure about a color? Forget the tiny paint chip. Get a small container or tester of your chosen color and paint a piece of cardboard or posterboard then hang it up in your room. Check it out during different times of the day and in different lighting to be sure you love the color just as much at 8pm as you do at 8am.

There’s no reason to fear color, and with this season’s palette, bold colors are even easier to embrace than ever. Go for it!

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