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Decorating Red

When it comes to décor, red is a bold choice. Even in the smallest quantities and softest hues, it’s not shy. But red doesn’t have to be intimidating; done right, it’s cozy, inviting, and intimate. It can be sophisticated and glamorous or casual and relaxed, but it always makes a statement. The first step to using red is to give a little thought to your overall style.

Contemporary design – think neutral backdrops with a pop of bold color. Incorporate bright red in pillows, rugs, throws and accessories.

Modern design –  (including modern rustic) this style embraces red in all hues. Consider a large-scale painting, or an accent wall in red. Don’t be shy.

Traditional design – this is where deeper tones like brick and burgundy come into play. Bring in red with Oriental rugs and patterned fabrics on throws, cushions and curtains.

Transitional design – like its contemporary cousin, this style relies on pops of color on a neutral palette. Keep red on smaller, sleeker pieces like lamp shades, vases or artwork.

Country design – from barn red to chalky faded reds, opt for softer undertones and accessorize with red painted wood, checkered fabrics and cheery style.

No matter what shade or style you use, red brings boundless energy. From the palest of pink to the deepest burgundy, what makes these colors shine is red. Once you’ve identified your style and the right shade of red, start looking for other ways to bring in the beauty that is red.

In small rooms – rich, deep red can take a tiny powder room from blah to bam! in one coat of paint. Small spaces like the hall bath, or entry way can benefit from a big color like red. The rich shade brings a drama and elegance to an otherwise undersized space.

Painting the walls red – if going for the whole room is a bit much for you, consider other, more subtle ways, to incorporate a shot of vibrant color.

  • Try an accent wall to define a space or create a focal point.
  • Add red in unexpected places like stair risers, the inside of a bookcase or hutch, or the legs of a table.
  • Paint a side table or chair in a cheery, bright red.
  • Paint your floor red.


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