go rustic…
the great outdoors is calling


A place neglected by time. Covered in vines and greenery. Still standing, ready to be transformed, given new life. You don’t need to find a fabulous old barn to get the same feeling of accomplishment, the same striking look of rebirth. See things from a new perspective. Repurpose and reclaim those places and spaces in your own backyard. Give them new life and new purpose. Then, fill them with things, and people, well-loved.

Every home should tell a thousand stories. What stories will your spaces tell?

Rustic Refined

We are captivated by unpredictable spaces. While there is a simple beauty in manicured lawns we are more awe inspired by places overgrown with the rich patina of a great fairy-tale.

Our outdoor living story happens to be true. It begins in an eighty-year-old orchid hothouse nestled off the backroads of Maryland.

Framed by wisteria vines nearly eight-inches round, their gnarled and twisted structure weave an ideal backdrop for an inspired Outdoor Living Collection like no other…  ​

Are there spaces in your home that could be transformed? That odd corner in the back yard…an overgrown side yard…a cluttered back porch…an old, unused concrete motorhome pad…an old shed or a garage that’s more for storage than cars. It doesn’t matter what the original purpose of the space. You can transform it.

Your first step is to look at it with a fresh perspective. Look past what you see; imagine the possibilities. Could that possibly become a sunny outdoor reading spot? Or a fabulous place for dining al fresco? Anything is possible.

You do have to think practicality—is there a safe way to access your new space? Will it require major work, and what kind? Is it covered, can you cover it, or do you want to leave it open? What’s on the floor? Is it dirt, concrete, rocks, or?

Once you know all of the good points, and the bad, as well as what needs fixing or doing, you can get started. Clean up (as much as you need to), take care of any necessary repairs, then let your imagination fly!

Embrace Rustic Refined—it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s casual, effortlessly elegant, sustainable chic with a rustic core.


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