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easy DIY to repurpose your empties

Wine Bottles

Got wine? Some of our favorite items are those made from upcycled bottles. They make great, eco-friendly glasses, vases and even terrariums. Naturally we encourage recycling your empty bottles, but if you’re looking for a quick, easy DIY that looks great, or maybe you just want to get some more use from your empties before you recycle them, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Before you repurpose your empty bottles, make sure they’ve been completely cleaned and dried. If they have a removable label, soak that off as well so you’re starting with a perfectly clean bottle.

  • Water pitcher – fill empty bottles with water and place on the table for quick, elegant refills during dinner.
  • Vase – fill your bottle with dried or fresh flowers for a quick, easy vase. Group a few together and fill them with seasonal blooms from your yard for a stunning eco-friendly centerpiece.
  • Candleholder – resurrect this oldie but goodie. Put a thin taper candle in the top for a perfect candleholder. If you’re worried about tipping, weight the bottle with sand or pebbles.
  • Lamp – coil up some twinkle lights (use can run the cord out the top, or drill a hole) for some neat accent lighting.
  • Bookends – fill your empties with sand, rocks, marbles, or whatever you want to add weight, then use them as bookends.
  • Storage – if you’ve got a twist cap, or want to add a good stopper, fill your bottle with easy-pour dried goods like quinoa, couscous or lentils. Add a decorative label and voila! instant eco-cool in your cabinets.
  • Dish soap dispenser – replace the cork with a pour-through bottle stopper, fill it with dish soap and keep it near your sink. Ditto the bathroom with your hand soap.
  • Earring hanger – wrap your bottle with wire, then fill with sand or stones for weight. Simply hang your earrings from the layers of wire.

Yes, you can also get even deeper in the DIY world and repurpose your wine bottles into self-waterers, containers for homemade flavored oils and vinegars, or even transform them into outdoor oil lanterns and cool pathway edging. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination and the time on your hands.

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